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Why We Love Weddings


I started shooting weddings after working in Television News for about five years.  After covering bad news for so long, I felt like I needed a change. No one enjoys seeing a television camera in their face when they are in distress.  I witnessed a lot of crime scenes, sadness and tragedies, always being told "get outta here" and "get that camera out of my face".  I never took it personally, but it started getting to me, and I needed more of a balance.  I found it in weddings.  I quickly learned that shooting weddings is a lot of fun, and everyone is happy to see me.  Everyone looks their best and wants me to take pictures. 

I have been shooting weddings for about 8 years, and absolutely love it.  I still shoot for the local news (and still get told to "get outta here") while running a wedding business and I couldn't be happier!


My Love Affair with weddings began when I was a little girl. Growing up I spent a lot of time at my grandparent's house. They lived a simple life. The house was rather big, but minimally decorated. They did not care much for material stuff. Not that they couldn't afford it, they just didn't feel the need to accumulate things. But aside from the obvious furnishings, there was my  grandparent's wedding portrait. As a little girl, I always admired that beautiful bride and groom and often fantasized about my own wedding.

It is not until later in life I realized how much those portraits meant to me! My grandparents met and got married shortly after the World War II. I can't imagine they had a big fancy wedding. Times were tough! Grandma never talked about the ceremony or reception, or those details we think are important these days. What she talked about was how she felt that day! How fortunate she was to have met such a handsome man, my grandpa! And her wedding dress... grandma was a seamstress and made it herself! She used something that was in abundance after the war... parachute fabric! I was so impressed with it, and still think it was so clever!
Now that both of my grandparents are gone, I have something to remember how beautiful they were! I am sure they could have used the money they spent to hire a wedding photographer on something else, like furniture or home appliances. But, I feel so thankful they chose to give us a heirloom portrait instead!

It warms my heart that 50 years from now your grandchildren will be admiring my creation, just like I admired my grandparents wedding portrait!