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What Are Intimate Portraits

Intimate Portraits or Boudoir is hardly a new concept. As an art form it was born long before camera were invented. Many artists throughout history were intrigued and captivated by the beauty of female body, its soft lines and curves. Just think about Botticelli, Donatello, Lorenzo, DaVinci, or any other Renaissance artist and how they embraced it. Their subjects are sensual and often artfully flirting with nudity. It was only natural to photographers to follow their path.

Intimate Portraits by Gardner Photography are not revealing, they are seducing and leaving you guessing! They are all about mystery, fantasy and glamor! They are all about confidence! They are all about anticipation and emotions! They are all about secrets, seduction, and your eyes... because you seduce with your eyes! And they are a little reminder to you and that special one in your life how beautiful you are and how lucky he is to have you!

A pretty little album full of classy and sensual photos of you where nudity is only implied is a perfect gift for your fiance on your wedding day.  Your husband would love it on a wedding anniversary or birtthday! And what's a better gift for Christmas or Valentine's Day! So what are you waiting for? Schedule your Intimate Portrait session today! Your images will always be private. We never post them online.

Special thanks to our dear friend who graciously agreed to appear on our website!